Something we ate or drank each day just before and during the trip.

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  1. Aruna

    You’re probably able to conjure up wonderful creations at home without any instruction, but I spent 1/2 day at Siam Rice Thai Cookery School if you’re looking. Pot is hilarious and he has a 3 year old (maybe older) son that hangs out with the students. He calls his son Peter Pan, but pronounced Pita Pan. Might be fun for Kayan and Ava too. He teaches at his school and I think he does multi-day classes! Going to eat my TJ’s Thai Gyoza dumplings now…so not the same!

    • Diya

      Thanks for the tip. There are dozens of cooking schools here, I wasn’t sure where to go. And a built in play date sounds great!

  2. I love food and have something similar on my travel blog – great photos!

    • Diya

      Half our travels are about eating food – we can’t experience a culture without it! I am behind on updating this pictures (hopefully you end up doing a better job!), but will do once I get all my photos organized.

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