We’re trading in our Manhattan apartment and stuffing two duffle bags with what we’ll need for 10 months of around-the-world-travel.

Before Sandeep and I met 9 years ago, we had collectively lived in 6 different countries and visited over 30. On our first date we talked about extended travel and places we have yet to see.

We both became increasingly wrapped up in fulfilling careers.  Health became something to worry about when I found out I had MS five years ago. Ava was born 2 days after I graduated from business school in May 2008. Sandeep became committed to a start-up. Kayan entered the world before Ava turned two.

As we fell into a comfortable routine, we put aside plans of extended travel. Our apartment had a revolving door of friendly faces. It was filled with goofiness during the day, occasional tantrums in the evenings and the hum of a sleeping family at night. Yet with pre-school applications on the horizon and health generally on our side, we realized that now is as bad a time as any to execute our travel dream.

Sandeep likes to be prepared for every worst case scenario, while I believe things will work out just splendidly. He can’t finish a meal without meat, and I am (generally) vegetarian. Ava is a sweetheart most of the time and a strong-willed unreasonable three year old the rest. Kayan is a one-year old prankster who already thinks he can smile his way out of any situation.  She has a terrible fear of bugs and most animals, he is repulsed by dirt. I am scared to find out how this will all play out once we leave the comfort of home.

My hope is that the next 10 months gives us the diversion we need to appreciate each other, our world, and ourselves. Welcome to our journey.

Our itinerary as of October 2011

Leave New York City – November 1st
Hong Kong – November
Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai) – November
Malaysia (Penang and Kuala Lumpur) – December
India Part I (Goa, Kerala, Benares, Kodaikanal) – December and January
Myanmar  – February
India Part II (Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai) – March
Turkey – April
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan – May
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique – June, July and August

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