$2 Toddler Haircut in Chiang Mai

Kayan desperately needed a haircut so I took him to Thundercuts around the street form our hotel. He had three women distracting him while this very capable hairdresser chopped his curly locks. He quickly learnt that juup juup is kiss kiss in Thai.

Kayan Haircut Chiang Mai

The Thai adore little kids, especially chubby boys. We get stopped on the street and surrounded in restaurants as women pour on their juup juups. Not a bad life for a little boy.

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6 Responses to $2 Toddler Haircut in Chiang Mai

  1. Perveen

    Missed Thailand as a kid – now too late though still chubby! Juup juup to all of you

  2. Kerman

    LOVING your blog!! Can’t wait to see you guys in India, definitely go to Koh Chang, stay at Warapura on lonely beach & go snorkeling to the 4 islands! Lots of juup juups to the babies! xo Kerman

    • Diya

      Thanks for the travel advice. If we had more time (10 months already seems like too little…) we would do it all. We’re just staying put in Chiang Mai while in Thailand. Maybe next trip!

  3. Hyde

    That is just too cute! Miss ya much…

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