Missing a Step in Chiang Dao

Sandeep is constantly telling me I need to be more vigilant. About the kids, about walking on the street, about watching my stuff.  Historically, I’ve been known to be too carefree. So today when Kayan took a tumble down the stairs Sandeep earned the right to say “I told you so.”

This trip has already made me more mindful. There certainly appear to be many more ways to maim a child here than at home. Open fires, open ditches, no seat belts, no helmets, no railings… But I’ve also been trying to stay relaxed, to maintain my belief that kids should be able to run around without hovering parents.

Sandeep has also been trying his best to be less calculating about all the terrible things that can happen to us. He was even willing to make the one and a half hour trip to Chiang Dao and back in a Songtaew, the open pick up truck that he so feared on day one in Thailand. And he was trying to let go by allowing Kayan to run around the garden of our restaurant.

And then Kayan fell down the stairs and ended up looking like this.

Luckily, for being an active toddler, this is the worst damage he’s ever had. Both Sandeep and I are trying to strike the balance between caring for our children and allowing them room to explore.  What that means will probably change as we go through this trip. But in the end, isn’t that the balance that any parent anywhere in the world struggles to find?

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12 Responses to Missing a Step in Chiang Dao

  1. Keri

    poor kai kai!! he probably should have just stayed in new york with me 🙂 Looks like you guys are having an awesome time love youu

  2. Jordana

    Being a kid & yes as well as being an adult I have had my shares of falling down, walking into, etc. I think I have a few more coming along my way one of these days but hey it’s apart of life isn’t! And with all the stunts I still have to right out in life, I am definitely not going to stress. But we are talking about the kids here so it’s different! So in relation to them, I do agree with you of not becoming one of the those overly stressed hovering parents! I think you can find a balance for being watchful and vigilant while still remaining casual and stress free about it all. I believe it’s more of just being well prepared if in case a little accident happens – first aid kit, doc’s number, closest pharmacist….right? But then again I don’t have any kids….

    • Diya

      Accept that we left all our first aid stuff in Chiang Mai! So the one time he falls we had no antiseptic. Anyway, he is totally fine. It gives him a “don’t mess with me look”!

  3. Daphne n Kwok Hoong

    Hi, how is Kayan? I enjoyed reading your blog lying on the hammock where your kids usually play. We had a great time bamboo rafting after Tuesday Market. Jonathan and Kwok Hoong dived into water to cool down and were each given a bamboo pole to navigate down river. So with the guide it all seemed chaotic but it was funny and fun. Me? I just sat on a two pole make up seat with my umbrella! Ha! Ha

    We are sitting out in our balcony this morning enjoying our last cool morning and green view! They built a camp fire last night and several of us gathered around to chat. Interesting German couple who lives outside Chiangmai, a Thai family who are escaping flood by seeing the country and a Russian British couple enjoying their two month holiday touring!

    It’s been one great vacation so far! And it’s not just the place nor food but the people you meet too!! That makes the holiday journey so memorable!!

    Keep writing! And it’s great you have this time to be a ‘homemaker’. God bless!!

    • Diya

      It was great to meet you Daphne. Kayan is fine now. We get strange looks from people as if we did that on purpose…! are so right about how the people you meet along the way make the most lasting impressions. I wish they had built the campfire while we were there, but and glad that you got to enjoy it. What a gorgeous location. We are already missing it. Thank you for reading and I hope you stay in touch.

  4. Arjun

    All part of growing up ! The positive is that his teeth are intact 😛

  5. Larry

    Well there is this theory that all kids are born with mis- shapen heads and need to fall around a bit to round them off. I see he still has his teeth which is a plus. Kayan must have screamed like a banshee! How did Ava react to all this?

    • Diya

      Poor Ava felt bad since she was “holding” his hand down the stairs. She’s trying to be his second mommy but doesn’t know her limits either. Yes Kai screamed and it echoed off the mountains.

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