Pu and Ya Visit us in Chiang Mai

Hoorah! The grandparents arrived today!

Sandeep’s parents are spending a couple of weeks with us and we’ve already been beneficiaries of their arrival. While Ava and Kayan napped at home, Sandeep and I went out to get massages. We enjoyed dinner as the grandparents happily chased the kids around the gardens of Huan Suntaree riverside restaurant.

They are the first visitors we’ve had on our trip. We have been in Chiang Mai for three weeks and are excited to show them around ‘our city’. It’s surprising how quickly we claimed this as home, even though we know we hit the road again soon.  This adventure is all about new experiences, but seeing familiar faces and has provided welcome stability a midst all the travelling. We are looking forward to enjoying our journey in a larger nomadic pack for the next several days.  If the demure Thai people think that us four Lukes are loud, I’m embarrassed to see what reactions we get when three generations flock together.

In Thai, paternal grandfather is “pu” and grandmother is “ya”. So I say cheers to pu and ya!

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5 Responses to Pu and Ya Visit us in Chiang Mai

  1. Jordana

    Welcome Pu & Ya!!!

    Diya, the lighting in this picture and the colors are just simply fantastic! Bravo!!!

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