Sign of the Day

I’ll ask a Thai to translate this but, in the mean time, any guesses as to what it says? Also, any suggestions for how I can respond to Ava’s question “Mommy, what’s that man doing?”


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12 Responses to Sign of the Day

  1. Keri

    I believe the fall back answer to any question that ava asks is “ava, what do YOU think that man is doing”. I bet her answer will involve dora the explorer, elmo, and coney island 🙂 love you!

  2. Aruna

    We interpreted it as a “drunk man crossing” or “caution entering this establishment may induce vomiting”. Either way, it meant a good time :-)!

  3. Amanda

    Hahaha! I think it says “beware of projectile vomiting” … But you could tell Ava that the man is watering the plants with that bottle of water!!

  4. Appappa

    Crossing for Al’s Diner

  5. Larry

    Been there, done that!
    Tell her he is Superman and using his X-ray vision to make sure he has not left anything in the bottle – and neither should she when she has her milk…..

  6. Carl

    “That’s Jon Pliner, just ignore him.”

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