When in Hong Kong…

There is no way I could have predicted that three days into our trip I would find myself wearing devil horns. I’m justifying it as a cultural experience.

The expatriate scene in Hong Kong is a culture all its own. Sandeep’s brother has lived here for 4 years and has a wide group of expat friends. An expat in Hong Kong is the term used for the 5% of the population that is not of Chinese origin and didn’t grow up in Hong Kong. They know each other well enough to party in droves every Friday and Saturday until 4 AM. Even though the crowd spans at least 4 decades, the scene is like college with funds. Towards the end of the night I figured, if Asian business leaders wear Minnie Mouse ears and slurp Jello every weekend, then I better stop being a puritan and get on board.

Devil Horns

That’s probably all the partying you’ll see from us for the next 10 months.

On a more low key note, the most memorable meal we had in Hong Kong was at a private dinner. There is debate as to the origins of private dinners. Some say they are a way for the culinarily skilled to show off without dealing with Hong Kong rents. Another theory is that these spots sprung around the city in the wake of SARS, when people were afraid to go out to restaurants but still needed a venue to meet friends. Regardless, many are still speakeasies in their original apartments, such as the unnamed one we visited above Al’s Diner (scene of the devil horns). To avoid any gripe with law officials, only beer is served (beer is not considered alcohol here from what I am told) and all other alcohol is BYOB.

Private Dinner in Hong Kong

This private dinner venue was run out of a no-frills apartment (yes, that is the bathroom you see behind the fridge) by a family from Chengdu province, which is known for their spicy food. Our wine, along with the seven bottles shared with our neighboring table, were perfect complements to our flaming palates.

Private Dinner Hong Kong


Where were the kids? We took the opportunity to leave them with a friend, to whom Ava said “When I grow up I am going to give my Mommy and Daddy away to Dora the Explorer.” Clearly they weren’t missing us either.

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8 Responses to When in Hong Kong…

  1. Aruna

    These posts are so cute…I love how Ava captures the spirit of the moment in her off beat way. How does she always know the right thing to say? Can you start posting every day?? I love hearing about your adventures, especially the food parts ;-).

    Hugs and kisses!

    • Diya

      Yeah, Ava definitely provides a lot of content! I will try to post more often now that we are ‘settled’ for a while. So happy that you enjoy following us.

  2. shernaz

    Your posts are great and the photos are wonderful. Have really enjoyed following you around. Hong Kong sounds like quite an experience! Miss you so much. Have finally taken the car seats out of the car and put away random kids items. Felt quite forlorn till I remembered that we will be seeing you all soon. Lots of love to you all

  3. Perveen

    Can Ava substitute us for Dora the Explorer? Give her and Kayan a hug

  4. Zarine

    Diya! It looks like you’re having a blast so far. I hope Ava doesn’t give you away to Dora too soon… Love the blog posts and amazing pictures. See you soon! Lots of love, Z

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