Ciao Chiang Mai

Our two bags are packed again. We’re off to Malaysia tomorrow.

It surprised us how quickly Chiang Mai became home and that we are sad to leave. In a month we’ve adopted local eating joints, formed a relationship with our non-English speaking laundry lady, found a great tuk tuk driver, and know our way around the city’s winding streets. I’ve even perfected the tone and body language that goes with Sawadeeka (hello), Kapunka (thank you) and Aroi Aroi (delicious) to the point where people seem confused when I can’t carry on the conversation in Thai. My favorite Thai phrase, however is Mai Pen Rai, loosly translated as no worries. It sums up the attitude of Thailand very well. People are gentle, there’s always a smile, and despite the laid back vibe, things always seem to work out just fine. I’m sure we’ll be using Mai Pen Rai many times during our trip when things are more challenging. We are only one month into our journey, but our time in Chiang Mai has made our family closer and happier than we have been in a long time.

We still can’t get a good family shot where we are all looking at the camera together, but here are some happy faces saying goodbye to Chiang Mai.

See you in Penang!

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10 Responses to Ciao Chiang Mai

  1. Jordana

    Bon Voyage!
    Thank you for allowing us to virtually live your adventures and experiences in Chiang Mai!
    I as well as your other blog groupies are definitely excited for the upcoming episode of A Minor Diversion / Episode 2: Malaysia!!

  2. It was a pleasure having your delightful family in the Rose of the North!

    • Diya

      I wish we could have spent even more time in Chiang Mai. Somehow this year is not enough. Absolutely loved our time together.

  3. Larry

    I will miss Chiang Mai!Looking forward to Penang…

  4. Perveen

    The Chang Mai folks seem similar in attitude as the Egyptians we knew. Good Luck in Penang, Shakun’s birth place.”

  5. Keri

    Cannot wait for all the photos of the yummy food you’re going to eat in penang (didn’t you and sandeep both say that was the location you were most looking forward to in a culinary sense?)!

    Safe travels!

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