Taking Our Pause in Penang

Despite being a bustling place, Penang still retained the laid back island feel that caused us to slow down more than we did in Hong Kong and even Chiang Mai. We didn’t feel the need to see or do a lot. Fortunately, our apartment rental was gorgeous and self sufficient with a beach, pool, tennis courts and a large playground. ┬áSo, aside from a few excursions into George Town, we just hung out around the apartment and ate in the neighborhood.

Our very short to-do list in Penang gave us a lot of time to spend together as a family.

We took time to lounge.

We took time to talk.

We took time to get in shape.

We took time to play.

And of course, we took time to eat.

We said our goodbyes to Penang this afternoon and are now in Kuala Lumpur. The energy of the city already feels overwhelming after our island escape. We don’t yet have an agenda here, but can already feel the pull to see and do more. Despite this, I hope that we still find time to lounge, talk, stay in shape and play. Oh, and eat!

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10 Responses to Taking Our Pause in Penang

  1. Keri

    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed Penang!

    P.S. I feel that this post was specially prepared for me because of the insanely cute pictures of the ava and kayan.

  2. Thanks for giving showing us around Penang. Cannot wait to read all about KL! What are you looking most forward to in KL?

    • Diya

      We don’t really have a sense of what to expect in KL – we hear it is very much a shopping mall culture, so will check out a few even thought that’s not usually our scene. The holiday decorations are supposed to be over the top. A few kids parks too, which we will go to. Any ideas?

  3. Larry

    I hope that was Ava’s Scrabble game? Triple word scores on hoop/hint, unit, or, am, van & earl….For shame. You guys need to get yourself some more free time to work on your scrabble!

  4. Jordana

    I love the picture of you and the kids!! Perfect for one of those women/family magazines!

  5. Hello there I am new to your blog and have really enjoyed reading of your adventure so far. the appartment in Penang looks amazing! Can i ask about it,s accessibility? My son uses a wheelchair. Thankyou for sharing your stories and inspiring travel x Bron
    Ps i adore that top pic of you and the kids, just devine.

    • Diya

      Welcome Bron and thanks for sharing the adventure with us. The apartment was amazing, and a great value. I think you and your three kids would be very comfortable there – the play areas outside are perfect for children. Yes, it is accessible – you’ll just need to use the S (service) side of the elevator. email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Would love to share more about Penang.

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