Pictures from the Indian Road

Our favorite way to get around is generally by foot. It enables us to get a feel for where we are, to stop along the way, meet some people and take things at a slow pace. We also like cycling, as it offers similar opportunities, but covers more ground. With the kids strapped into a trailer it also gives us the chance to get a work out.

Most places in India, particularly the cities, make it hard to stroll or cycle. Sidewalks are non-existent and traffic makes cycling with two kids difficult. Therefore, we’ve been spending a lot of time in cars. I’ve tried to take in the scenery as much as possible from the back seat, child in one hand (no car seats, but that’s a story for another post) and camera in the other.

Here are a series of pictures taken from cars in India. Driving may not be our first choice for travel, but India is such a vibrant country that we’ve experienced a lot from the passenger seats. Enjoy the ride.

Yes, there really are cows on the streets. Sandeep corrects me, "Even Kayan can tell you these are buffalo. Water buffalo." Cow or buffalo, they don't always use the correct lane.

I liked the colors of the sarees hanging to dry in the sun. Ava wanted to know why her curtains were hanging out.

This was taken just before Makar Sakranti, India's largest kite flying festival. Kids check out kite stores for the kites and string most likely to cut down opponents.

An important reminder, even if colorfully worded.

The picture captures the solitude of the rikshaw-wallah against the chaos of Kolkata.

Unfortunately spitting (mostel betel nuts) is a big problem in northern India. Here is the Railway's attempt to keep the area clean. The fine is $5.

Pedestrian crossings don't mean much in India.

Truckers decorate their vehicles in bright colors and give them lucky names such as Grace and Mary. They remind Sandeep of the animated movie, Cars.

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6 Responses to Pictures from the Indian Road

  1. Keri

    what an amazing photo of the rickshaw-walla in kolkata! good job diya!

  2. Ramesh Gopisetty

    Diya, what an authentic description which is most appropriate keeping in view of those revealing photo’s.For us it’s a ring-side view & we are thoroughly enjoying by seeing vintage India through your eyes.

  3. Shernaz Patel

    Have loved all your posts. My favorite was the train rides one. It brought back so many memories. All your photos are great. I feel as if I am there with you, in fact I wish I was! It is so cold here in New York. Love to you all

    • Diya

      I too remember taking the train a lot as a kid to go to Pune – that’s a goregous ride. I am flattered that you feel the pictures transport you to us 🙂 If only that were physically possible too.

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