Relaxing on Greek Beaches

Sometimes we just relax.

As you can see, Taniya and my sunglasses did make their way to Greece.

On our day of relaxation we thanked Pasithea, the Greek goddess of rest. Pasithea was very aptly married to Hypnos, the god of sleep. I wonder how they got anything done. Pasithea must have a spell over us today, as our inclination to relax on the turquoise waters outside our door was so strong we didn’t manage to do anything else.

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6 Responses to Relaxing on Greek Beaches

  1. Taniya

    So glad to see Taniya has finally got some clothes… and is able to relax!

  2. shernaz

    Sounds like the perfect day! The gods would have approved.

  3. keri

    i think ava might need to spend a bit less time on her hair and a bit more time on taniya’s 🙂

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