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Sharing an Inspirational Travel Tale

We love to travel and love to be inspired by our travels. So when CNN challenged readers to submit stories about inspirational travel experiences, we couldn’t refuse. I was at first intimidated about submitting something to a network that airs the likes of Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour. However, the more daunting task was figuring out which story to tell. Some minordiversion readers were inspired by our time with Elephants in Chiang Mai. Others enjoyed our culinary pursuits and the more adventurous among you liked our Himalayan trek. In the end, I shared a personal reflection of our time in Bagan, Myanmar.

Here is an excerpt from the submission, which I was very humbled to find out was shortlisted by CNN to be featured on their site.

The bicycle didn’t have a light. My eyes were straining to see in the moonless night and my legs seemed too stiff to peddle through the sand and gravel. I could sense the sun stretching. This was my one morning in Bagan and didn’t want to miss the sunrise over the fields of ancient Buddhist temples.  

You can read the full story here. If you like the piece (or not), please let the producers know by using the voting buttons at the bottom of the article.


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