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Celebrating the Holi Festival of Colors in Goa

We always tell Ava and Kayan that paints and markers do not belong on their bodies. So how did we end up like this?

Having lived outside of India most of our lives, Sandeep and I have missed the extravaganza of Indian festivals. The two most exciting ones are Divali, the festival of lights, and Holi, the festival of colors. We timed our India trip so that we could celebrate Holi in Goa.

Holi is a Hindu celebration of spring and is observed according to the lunar calendar. The event falls during a full moon in February or March. People don’t celebrate Holi as much as play it. The night before Holi, people gather to sing and dance around large public bonfires. The fun really begins the following morning, when the streets of India turn into one giant colorful water fight. Tamer players smear powdered dye on each other, while the more adventurous ones mix it with water, fill up their squirt guns and indiscriminately spray anyone within reach.

Everyone is fair target.

Our island had holi band that made the rounds through the houses – singing, dancing and throwing color. Here they are in our courtyard.

We’re starting a new family tradition of celebrating Holi no matter where in the world we are. This is an open invitation to you for March 27, 2013. Just don’t put on your Sunday best.

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