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We’re Happy to be Blogging Again

A minor diversion is back after a brief hiatus. This wasn’t because we were in what has been a closed country (Myanmar) and unable to blog. Rather, the site was hacked into due to open servers and free communication (and a small dose of my own stupidity). It’s rather ironic that this happened while we were in Myanmar, with minimal internet access.

There has been a bright side to this. First, our journey is supposed to be a learning opportunity, and now words like “domain”, “hosting”, and “malware” are no longer a scary foreign language.┬áSecond, the issue made us realize that our blog is part of many readers’ daily routines. Some of you kindly let me know that the site was experiencing issues. Others wrote in various states of panic. We are touched that we play any role in your lives.

We’re glad our blog is back in action. Thanks for rejoining our journey.

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