Our Kids Have No Choice But to Love to Fly

We were boarding our flight from Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg when Ava saw this HSBC add and, with a very troubled look said, “Why does that poor cow have a map on him?” I don’t know what made me more proud – the fact that she was was concerned for the animal’s welfare or that she recognized a world map.

We have been looking at a lot of maps lately and, thanks in part to Dora the Explorer, the kids are eager to know where they are heading in relation to where we have been. Our 22 hour journey from Athens to Windhoek turned out to be a non-event. The kids slept on all three flights. The only glitch was the nosebleed Kayan got on the flight to Johannesburg.

Despite this, when we finally got into our beds in Windhoek, a disappointed Kayan asked, “Why no more planes?” The kids have boarded 19 flights since we left New York in November. Perhaps flying has become so natural that they see it as a non event. Or perhaps, since we give them lollipops to calm ear pressure, they see flying as a treat. Kayan begged for his own backpack so that he could have something to put on the security belt. Ava likes to hand over each passport when we fill out immigration forms and has a funny fetish of checking out airport bathrooms. Whatever the reason, we’re lucky to have happy fliers for all the journeys we have left to take.

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  1. I got my “not sleepy” daughter to sleep tonight by telling her to imagine she was on a train. She perked up and said she was on a “plane-train-bus and press the bell, ding!”. And I said “yes, on a train, rocking-rocking-rocking with the water out the window”. And just like that she was asleep. I think the buses, trains and planes where the highlight for her on our five week tour of France and Switzerland. Little people are so unbelievably funny!

    • Diya

      A great alternative to traditional lullabies! But why didn’t she add tuk tuk in her repertoire 😉 You inspired all of us by traveling around Europe with a toddler on your own. So glad that you created good memories.

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