Leaving Our Beach Dreams in Vouliagmeni

We love our beach vacations. When Kayan was only eight weeks old, we packed him up and took the family to the Dominican Republic for a long weekend. Every time we see open water, we dream about living a beach life. We long to wake up to blue waters, eat fresh seafood and live in flip flops. The reality is that, before this journey, we were never able to do this for more than a week at a time. Our month in Vouliagmeni, Greece has been our chance to live our beach life fantasy. When we leave on Friday there will be many things to miss.

We’ll miss the changing colors of the ocean, where we spent hours picking up shells and tormenting starfish.

We’ll miss the brilliant sunsets off our terrace.

We’ll even miss the perfectly manicured streets lined with orange, fig and olive trees.

Our month in Vouliagmeni has been the slowest part of our journey. We have had minimal external stimulus here, which took some adjusting after the excitement of Istanbul. Vouliagmeni programmed us to a leisurely pace of life that we will not experience for a very long time.

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6 Responses to Leaving Our Beach Dreams in Vouliagmeni

  1. Looking forward to reading about your next adventure. X we live a 10 min walk to the beach ( bay) so if you are ever in Australia over a Summer my kids would no doubt love to play on the beach with Ava and Kayan x

  2. wai mei

    you guys can always move to california and live the beach life! =)

    • Diya

      True true… Sandeep and I are considering where to retire and are looking for one beach spot and one city spot.

  3. Amanda martin

    Sounds so nice! We love the beach life as well. Maybe someday we’ll end up living on the same beach somewhere!

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